Michael Modelcitizen, the antihero of Damage: Sadistic Butchering of Humanity


The idea of Damage is simple: kill as many people as possible! Damage is an adventure game where you can roam freely in a wide urban setting, loot money and goods, buy weapons and other equipment from the black market and kill thousands of enemies: harmless civilians, policemen, army troopers, organised criminals, bloodhounds and vehicles. 

DSBoH is humoristic and harmless outlet for our violent instincts. However, it is not recommended for children or individuals, who might be adversely influenced.
In Damage you take control of a formerly exemplary man named Michael Modelcitizen, who had everything a man could possibly dream of. Because of that, he soon became deeply frustrated.  Michael tried various methods in search of a new super human state, but during the process something went terribly wrong. The solution to regaining his previous status is ugly.
Michael starts with a primitive baseball bat, taking out unaware passers-by. It's not long before Michael's actions begins to attract the members of authority - who all try to eliminate him. Of course, he has access to numerous appetising weapons, and he starts experimenting with dangerous drugs to keep himself alive. 
In Damage, you play as Michael and we guarantee you many, many delightful discoveries and a feeling of extreme freedom to venture and express yourself. There is certainly no other game like this!
"All-singing, all-dancing crap of the world."
7 seconds to fulfilment