Reviews of Amiga version:

"Yes! At last! This is the game we have been waiting for, all of us violence-lovers." - JW, AmigaInfo #6 1997
(review still available here)

"It gives you total freedom, you can do what you want and there is no right way to play, unlike other games. I would recommend this to everybody, it is a must!!" - PK 11.05.1997


"I'm *very* impressed." - editor KA, Amiga Report
(Ken Anderson's excellent review still available here)

"I thoroughly recommend it, either as a stress reliever or just if you feel like killing people, but don't fancy getting thrown in prison. Score: 91%" -NB UK Exclusive

"So why am I playing this game? Because it's fun. Damage is tricky that way; it's very stylish and very playable.
The tiny animations — cops edging along with raised pistols, little old ladies with walkers, businessmen with briefcases,
blood flying from all of them — are delicate."
-Peter Olafson, Amazing Computer Magazine (Nov 1997)


"Great demo! I play it every day. Most demos I play once and delete. Your demo still makes me laugh out loud." - TJS 24.04.1997

"I fucking love it!" - MS 16.04.1997


2011 DEMO comments:

"The demo gave me fucking LOLs already!" - JM, 31.3.2011

"BUY IT! if you like COOL! BLOODY GAMES!, this is FUCKING AWESOME !" -PE, 31.3.2011

"Vittu tää on paras" - JR, 31.3.2011



"I like how this game was released back in 1996, which was exactly one year before both GTA and Postal took off. Before? Damage, there probably wasn't any other game quite like it (theme-wise anyway)."