Tomodachi Life Guide To Create a Perfect Mii

Tomodachi Life is Nintendo’s quirky life simulator-style game that brings together the best of Animal Crossing, the Sims, and 3D’s StreetPass mini-games. It’s a game about a life whose core gameplay revolves around creating and importing Mii avatars and giving them distinct personalities. 

This game is designed to be played in short episodes rather than extended play sessions. You can import Miis from your friend’s list, discover them through StreetPass, or create them with the game’s elaborate creation system. You can also create Miis by taking a picture of someone’s face with a 3D camera. 

Apart from your own Mii, you can add your family, friends, and even celebrities to your island. If you’ve always wanted to take a stroll on the beach with Halle Berry this is your chance. These customized avatars also speak real words created via a robotic voice, which makes the island quite vibrant.

Just like Animal Crossing, some events in Tomodachi Life are based on real events. The game lets you interact with the island at your own pace. Mii apartments, clothing, and food can be customized making the islands and Miis feel like your own creations. Mii’s can also get into relationships and get married which has caused quite some controversy.

Tomodachi Life Guides for Creating a Perfect Mii

The game revolves around the characters you create otherwise known as Mii’s. These characters determine how the game goes therefore you have to be careful when creating them. Here are the Tomodachi life guides for creating a perfect Mii.

  1. Understanding the Personalities

Each character will have different traits depending on how you create it. It may be friendly, make enemies easily, fall in love or just sit around timidly. The game has sixteen personalities that you can pick from. You first pick one of these and then rate five different traits to shape their character. Some of these personalities include;

  • Easygoing Daydreamer: Mii’s with this personality tend to be idealists, live in a bubble, and ignore life’s realities. They roam around waiting for that perfect moment which in most cases never comes by.
  • Easygoing Optimistic: These characters are easygoing and optimistic. They spread positivity to others on the island.
  • Easygoing Buddie: These personalities will do anything for friendship and to them, nothing is more important than relationships.
  • Outgoing Leader: These characters have the ability to lead and make good decisions even in a difficult environment.
  • Independent Lonewolf: These personalities have an introverted nature and like to be by themselves. They are comfortable in their own skin and not social.

Traits to Shape Your Mii’s Character

Speech is the first trait and ranges between polite to direct. The more polite the shyer the character and the more direct the more expressive, blunt or even rude. The second is movement and the scale varies from slow to quick. This trait determines how fast or lazy a character is. The attitude trait can range from serious to relaxed, and you can also control the expressiveness and overall nature of a character.

As far as the speech is concerned you can determine accent, pitch, speed, tone, and quality. This Tomodachi life guides you to create your perfect island with Mii’s of your choice.

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