Top 5 Most Nostalgic Pinball Games

Pinball is quite possibly the most deceptively uncomplicated and gloriously retroactive part of the gaming world. The pinball world and its fascinating arm have experienced booms and bursts or growth and retractions like any other industry. The gaming concept possesses an individual online database, a unique lingo and some of the most spectacular amusements to ever happen in an extremely noisy room of any arcade Myrtle Beach

This is a list of the most nostalgic pinball games of all times.

The Pinball Circus (1994)

The next time you take a trip down to Las Vegas make sure to check out the greatest and maybe the rarest pinball machine in the United States, Bally’s Pinball Circus. This is the best pinball machine of all time built in 1994 by Bally. It is only available for public viewing at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Museum.

The Pinball Circus is by far the most exciting and innovative pinball machine to have ever been created. The fact that it is rare adds on to its charm and exotic nature. There is a legend next to the machine which informs museum visitors that Bally only ever created two such machines. The other one is believed to be in the hands of a very wealthy German collector. 

Challenger (1971)

This rock ‘n’ roll pinball machine was not a new concept in 1971 with numerous rock bands already having their own machines. But, Challenger was what made rock ‘n’ roll and pinball machines hum along. All it needed was a coin to hear famous 50s tunes as players bounced the metal ball off a miniature Elvis doll.

PINBOT (1986)

PINBOT is one machine that offers oodles of fun to all ages. The game was designed to be a malevolent robot intelligence all set to take over the world. This was the year when Terminator I was all the rage. The robot was ready to take over your arcade, room, and maybe your mind. The players had to use their pinball skills to give the robot a soul and eyes to convince it not to destruct the world. 

The backstory made PINBOT an extremely fun game. The game also had a robotic voice. Once you earned enough points to give it eyes, the robot would creepily declare “Now I See You”. 

The Addams Family (1993)

The Addams Family was probably the first time a small video screen was seen on a pinball machine. It also had recognizable voice commands from actors. This is when pinball machines became slick, modern, and complex with no compromise on the fun factor.

Fireball (1971)

Fireball is another one of Bally’s finest pinball inventions. It is perhaps the greatest pinball machine of that all-mechanical era. 1971 was a great period to be a pinball machine. Bells rang and things actually clicked. It was also the time when an intriguing sci-fi character or theme did not really need an explanation or a backstory to be bizarrely acceptable. 

Characters like Fireball were created by manufacturers and people were expected to understand and relate to them. Besides this, another truly spectacular thing that set Fireball apart from the competition was a spinning turntable positioned right in the middle of the field. The turntable used to fire up and send the ball spinning in any random direction from time to time.

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