3D Hawk Simulator , Asphalt overdrive and GT Racing 2 Games

3D Hawk Simulator
The fact that our country of Turkey, Tofas group of car lovers a lot of bird species. Walking cans, eagles, falcons and falcons are both cheap and low in industrial costs. If you can get the car out of the industry. Best of all, get a good master subscription.
Prank aside 3D hawk simulator game, for android platform, brings 3d car riding experience. Of course, in our country, since there will be no Porsche simulator, looking hawk born has taken its place in the simulator.
It will be a very successful application that the user has tried and recommended very seriously. As far as we understand, the 3D graphics engine is obtained from another source and the hawk car is modeled and integrated into the game with its dynamics.
The vehicle model, which has been prepared to be faithful to the original, has features like 3d map, real damage images, 4 different camera angles including internal camera, drifting (in our opinion apache feature).

3D Hawk Simulator , Asphalt overdrive and GT Racing 2 Games.
Of course, in the event of serious damage, we would like them to show that the walking can is 88 pieces of dinnerware and that the apache team will be able to visualize what will happen to them as a result of artistic movements.
Asphalt overdrive
Gameloft continues to consolidate its place in the android world. Constantly upward momentum as the company will retain its name for a long time. Asphalt Overdrive, a member of the newly introduced Asphalt game series, seems to be a bit distant from the serious interface of the familiar asphalt series.
Asphalt is an overdrive android game, being free and trying to reach more audiences with simplified controls. The game has 7 different playing styles. These are styles such as fleeing from the police, dodging obstacles, and acrobatics. The graphics in the game are prepared in retro style. 30 different advanced sports vehicles are available. The legendary models like the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa are just two of them.
GT Racing 2
The claim to be the most realistic racing simulation game ever made belongs to GT Racing 2. Of course, this game is your decision to experience.
From the past to the present day, the garage and the 3D graphics quality, featuring the best-known prestigious sports vehicles, are candidates to become a touchstone for the android environment. To try a new device that we have previously received, dead trigger or asphalt 8 when trying to say this list was GT Racing 2 dail.
Highly compelling high-level graphics give great results on the appropriate device. In addition to the online key alone playing modes, a total of 1400 different driving modes. A rich collection and driving experience await you with the cars of 28 brands. Needless to say, you need a solid android device for this game that has surpassed 10 million downloads.

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