Highway Rally and Taxi Drift Games

Highway Rally
For unity games and 3D car racing lovers, we have a fresh game produced with care. The rally was built on stony, earthy roads that we know of. In our new 3D game, it is possible to rally on the highway. And you do a lot of burning tires. Those who like car games will definitely like the highway rally.
The 3D highway rally has graphical performance above our expectations. Moreover, playability is better and more enjoyable than the 8-10 Gb games we have installed on our desktop computer.
In the game, before starting the race, a Ford Focus brand vehicle with standard equipment in your hands. Although it is difficult to compete with this vehicle, in the game, you can pick up the NOS turbo tubes over the road to provide acceleration.
You can also get some additional income at the end of the race by taking the cash dollar signs on the road. In this way, you can buy speed, acceleration and handling characteristics to your vehicle. Or if you save good money, you can be promoted to a better vehicle. The most boring problem in the game, to buy the next race track. And you have to play on the same track many times until you save up the money to buy.
However, this annoyance disappears as soon as you move to the new track and the pleasure of the race begins again.

Highway Rally and Taxi Drift Games
Taxi Drift
A new style of drift racing has come from popular racing games. Taxi Drift is the new drift game of android environment. We take a modified taxi to the middle of the city. Wonders for a free game, a combination of graphics quality and playability. On the game screen, there are auxiliary menus, gas, brake and parking brake. With the handbrake, you can easily try to drift. In the meantime, a provocative chick on the upper left gives you gas. In the top right, you can see your location and city on the game map.
Taxi drift can be downloaded for free, as well as a very small footprint of 29 MB. This new drift game is on our recommendation list. We recommend you try.

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